Personal Insurance

Protecting the assets that house and transport your family is a significant undertaking and we take it very personally.  Our team will strive to develop a comprehensive and competitively priced, custom-tailored insurance package that meets all your personal needs.   



Icon of a house

Home is where the heart is, and your memories, and your clothing, furniture, electronics, etc. Your house protects you from the elements and its our job to provide protection for your home.



Icon of a vehicle

Getting from point A to point B requires wheels, a motor and often a lot of faith. You rely on your personal transportation to move through life and we are here to ensure you and your vehicles are protected.

Condo Unit Owner


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Owning a condo is as if you own a piece of a puzzle. Understanding how your piece is connected and then protecting your interest in the big picture is our area of expertise.



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If sailing the open seas is your dream, then it’s our job to protect the vessel you cruise in. 



Icon of a property

You own the property, but someone else lives there. Protecting your investment when you are not the occupant is where we lend a hand.



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Using both FEMA and private markets, we will work to ensure that your personal building and/or contents are protected from rising water. 



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An extra layer of liability protection, beyond the underlying policy limits, covering your assets and household members is security we can provide.

Recreational Vehicles


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From trailers to campers to cycles to 4-wheelers, we will make sure all your toys and pleasure vehicles are covered, so you can play without worry.

Other Specialties


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Manufactured Homes, Vacant Properties, Builders Risk, Valuable Items, etc. Regardless of your personal need, we have a solution for your protection.

Our passion is protecting what matters most to you