Benefits Insurance

Whether you are an employer seeking out group plans to protect your team OR you are an individual searching for coverage to protect your personal wellbeing, our goal is to ensure the health, wellness, and stability you seek remain our number one priority.

Group Medical


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Providing Health Insurance to your employees is the most sought after benefit you can provide and the best way to ensure they feel valued.

Group Dental


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Caring for your employees health should include protecting their best tool for communication…word of mouth.

Group Life


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Knowing loved ones are cared for if they can’t be there, is a peace you can help provide for your employees.

Group Disability


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Having a skilled team is critical to your business. But providing long term protection, when a team member is unable to provide that skill is what sets you apart as an employer.

Voluntary Employee


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There are a host of other wellness benefits that can be offered to your team on a opt in basis including vision, short term disability, or additional life insurance.

Individual Health


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When you find yourself without an alternative option, regardless of the reason, locating your own medical coverage can be a daunting task. Luckily we are on your team and ready to help you navigate your choices.

Individual Life


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Our lives are precious, each and every moment a gift. When tragedy hits, knowing you’ve planned ahead and can provide stability for those you love is one of the greatest gifts you can leave behind.

Individual Disability


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There may come a point where your expertise, skill, or even mobility are compromised leaving your livelihood at stake. Protecting yourself when you are unable to work is planning that pays off.


Supplemental & Advantage

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Medicare is the federal health insurance plan that is available to those over 65, and understanding the coverage means knowing there are gaps. Having our team on your side means gaining knowledge & access to products that either fill in those gaps or serve as an alternative coverage.



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For those who will be losing benefits, electing to have a continuation of health coverage for a limited period of time is a right given by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Managing this type of coverage requires the expertise & oversight we can provide.

ACA Compliance


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We have the knowledge to help walk you through the market that provides medical health insurance adhering to the Affordable Care Act regulations.

Other Specialties


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Our team is ready & able to provide various other areas of wellness protection & planning such as long term care coverage, travel medical, etc.

Our passion is protecting what matters most to you